Pure. Black. Coffee.

Dagger Mountain Roastery started out of Dan Evans and Ashton Whitely's passion to just make really good coffee. They wouldn't give you any righteous cause for why they started DMR and they don't want to be the savior the the vast coffee world. Making good coffee is their cause and constantly learning and improving everyday is their process

DMR opened around 2 years ago in our home town of Valparaiso, IN. It's been awesome to see Valparaiso grow into a vibrant in the past decade and DMR is a great addition to the community's budding small business culture.

We stopped by one Saturday in Valpo just to say "Hi." But we happened to have a camera in the car and just decided to just start filming and see what happened. We were able to witness the attention to detail throughout the whole process from roasting to brewing which definitely renewed our appreciation the beverage we so often took for granted.

Grab some beans at daggermountain.com